Apple Television – Apple iTV Ready to Come Out!


For years, tech geeks and Apple gadget lovers have been talking about the launch of an Apple television, but the world is yet to see one. Called Apple iTV, the new television from Apple is supposed to be a project initiated by Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder. So, when’s this new Apple iTV set to be launched? Recent industry rumors and evidences suggest that the new television is all set to be launched shortly. While gadget lovers ponder over whether an Apple television is really on its way and wait for its entry into the market, here’s a quick look into the features that the new Apple iTV is speculated to sport based on expert opinions.

Information on the official website of Apple indicates that their new television will give access to plenty of excellent HD content in a small package that will integrate television shows, blockbuster movies, news, live sports, your photos, music, and much more. Users can also play content from their Mac or iOS gadgets on their television using AirPlay.

Rumors also suggest that the new television will feature inbuilt iSightcamera to enable free FaceTime video calls and Apple voice-enabled virtual assistant Siri seen in iPhone 4S.Its design is likely to resemble Apple Cinema Display that is backlit by LED. However, it is expected to be much bigger.The display may be a 4K or UltraHD display.

One remarkable aspect of this device is that it is likely to sport a Motion Detection Technology similar to that of the Xbox Kinect.The smartphone maker has taken over PrimeSense- the firm that originally developed Kinect and so the integration of the technology is most likely possible. Besides this, it is expected to come with a unique and innovative touch-screen remote control that appears similar to iPad. The bezel is likely to be composed of plastic instead of the aluminum body exterior.

There is a speculation that a new sound system would be introduced as a part of Apple’s iTV, an intelligent system with the ability to determine the location of a user in a hall. If the user is not within the optimal range, the audio output could be modified by the processor. It could also be modifiable depending on the way in which the user is facing and the surrounding environment.

It is speculated that the new iTV will integrate some edition of iOS as its operating system. It may be powered by an A7 processor, and may also have the ability to interact flawlessly with other iOS gadgets from Apple like iPad, and iPhone.

After discussing about such a vast range of smart features, any reader would be curious to know what it would cost for the experience of owning a smart television like Apple iTV. Though we cannot quote the accurate price, it’s certainly going to be much costlier than LCD televisions that are in vogue today. So, we can expect it to cost anywhere in the range of £2,000 or probably more than that!

Irrespective of its high price, this television is sure to draw a long queue to the Apple stores post its launch. So, keep an eye on it, and some cash handy in your pocket to get your hands on the iTV as soon as it comes out.



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